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A thesis or dissertation is probably the longest academic writing, entailing original and comprehensive research. Students present dissertation as an integral component of undergraduate, master’s, or doctorial degrees. The structure of dissertations majorly depends on your academic field. However, most dissertations are usually divided into five chapters, the introduction, and conclusion paragraphs inclusive. Because of the voluminous nature of dissertations, it can be intimidating to figure out where to start. To develop a perfect piece requires you to first decide on the structure that suits your area of study. It is imperative to understand that not all dissertations have the same structure.

The pattern that the research takes depends on a student’s location (country or state), approach, topic, and academic discipline. For instance, a UAE thesis writing in the field of humanities usually takes the form of long essays, where the student is expected to build an overall argument that supports a central thesis. The organization of chapters is built around different case studies and themes. However, dissertations in physical, biological, and even social sciences should be separated into chapters. Sometimes, you may combine the chapters. For example, when writing certain types of social science, the discussion and results may be blended instead of being in separated sections. The sections’ order may vary, depending on academic disciples and countries. Whereas the conclusion is always the last part of every academic writing, some universities advise their students to always present their discussion after the conclusion.

An effective dissertation includes an introduction with a strong thesis statement, research questions and objectives, literature review that surveys relevant primary and secondary sources, research methods, and results of the research, discussion, and a conclusion paragraph showing the contribution of your research. Other crucial elements of an effective dissertation include a title page, acknowledgment section, table of content, list of tables and figures, abbreviations list, glossary, reference list, and appendices. If in doubt about the structure your dissertation should take, it is advisable to confirm with the guidelines of your department or seek consultation with your instructor.

The first part of a dissertation should bear the title page that contains the research topic, your name, your department, institution, faculty, institution, and the date of submission. Some learning institutions expect their students to include their instructor’s name, student’s number, and the institution’s logo. Different universities and programs have specific needs for the title page and formatting. The acknowledgment part is optional and includes recognition and gratitude to everyone who assisted in your research and writing.

The abstract, which is a summary of the document, is usually between 150 and 300 words. Students are required to write it at the end after completing the dissertation. It includes the topic and aim of the dissertation, the methods applied, results, and conclusion. Although it is short, the abstract is the foremost part—and probably the only part—of your paper that people might consider reading. Therefore, the section is important and you should develop it concisely and skillfully. You need to present an informative abstract. After the abstract page, you should dedicate the next page to the table of contents. It should contain all the chapters, headings, and their corresponding page numbers. The section provides readers with an overview of the dissertation’s structure. It facilitates easy navigation of the document. The table of contents includes all parts, including the references and appendices. Microsoft Word has the provision to generate it automatically.

A dissertation may include a lot of figures and tables. It is important to itemize them in a list that is numbered. The list of figures and tables can be generated in Microsoft Word automatically. Besides, the paper may include many abbreviations, which include in the list of abbreviations in an alphabetized manner to enable readers to check and understand their meanings. It is important to include a glossary that contains an alphabetical list of specialized terminologies that your readers may not find familiar. You need to explain every vocabulary with a brief definition or description.

In the introduction section, introduce the reader to what they expect to find in the dissertation. You need to set up your thesis’ topic, relevance, and purpose, with background details. It contextualizes your paper. Narrow the dissertation down, focus, and define its scope. Discuss the existing research on the topic and show your work's broader debate or topic. Additionally, you should state the research questions and objectives. All the information should be clear, relevant, and engaging. Finalize the introduction with a strong thesis statement that shows your position.

Before the first step of developing the paper, it is imperative to gleaned scholarly resources of already existing academic works on the topic. The sources should include relevant and reliable books and journal articles. You should critically evaluate and analyze each source, drawing their connecting such as patterns, gaps, themes, and conflicts. In the literature review section, you should not only summarize the sources, but you need to develop a structure that is coherent and a strong argument that provides a clear justification of the research. The literature review entails a theoretical approach to the dissertation’s topic. It includes a theoretical framework, where you analyze key theories. You need to answer all the descriptive research questions.

After developing a strong literature review, you arrive at the methodology chapter, which describes the way you conducted your research. The section allows readers to assess your research’s validity. Explain the type of research you have used such as ethnographic, quantitative, qualitative, empirical, or experimental approaches. Next, report the results of the research, structuring the sections around a hypothesis, sub-questions, and topics. It's crucial to only report results with relevance to research questions and objectives. In the discussion section, explore the implications and meaning of the research’s results. The results should reflect the research questions. Interpret the results in the discussion section in detail. You also need to reference other scholarly sources that show the way the results reflect the research questions.  

The dissertation conclusion answers the main research questions concisely. It should leave the readers with a vivid understanding of the thesis’ central argument. The conclusion should not include any other argument that is not discussed or explained in the content of the paper. It should be a summary of the paper with reinstated thesis statement. Finally, you must include a reference list (sometimes referred to as a bibliography or works cited list) of all the sources used in the paper. You need to keep a consistent reference style. The content of the paper should contain essential information that answers the research question directly. Other documents used such as survey questions, figures, tables, or interview transcripts that do not necessarily fit into the main boy are added as appendices below the references.


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